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ChimneySwift is a Youtube commentator that does a lot of games but mainly Minecraft which is game about building to survive or just building made by a single man! Anyway some of the other games that Chim plays include:

Elder Scrolls; which is a RPG type game where your a warrior who fights dragons, other races and factions.

Happy Wheels; which is a little game where you pick or have been set a character and have to get to the end without dying!

Sonic the Hedgehog; which is a little blue hedgehog that is the fastest thing alive, and you race through stages as Sonic and/or his pals.

He plays a many more games too!


Well i have been watching chimney for a very long time and i thought that he deserved his own wiki so i decided to get designs and info in order and create him a wiki to be proud of! Everyone can edit this wiki but please be reasonable! Swifters Slurpin' UNITE!!

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